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Our strengths - market experience and engineering expertise

Medical devices - Sterilization

Medical devices that come into direct contact with the human body pose a significant healthcare risk to patients. In order to ensure patient safety and exclude infections due to medical devices, high standards are applied when placing medical devices on the market. Sterilization in particular plays a central role in this matter.

Pharmaceutical industry - Pre-filled Syringes

Pre-filled syringes are functional, sterile, precise and affordable, what makes them suitable to be used by the patients themselves. Demand for pre-filled syringes in the pharmaceutical industry has risen considerably in recent years. STERISYS has developed suitable logistics and handling systems to fulfil this requirement. Our systems automate and optimize logistics flows of pre-filled syringes within production.



Process solutions for efficient and durable plants

Industrial sterilization for medical devices and pharmaceutical products

A wide range of medical devices and pharmaceutical products are sterilized by ethylene oxide exposure. Sterilization with ethylene oxide, also known as EO or EtO sterilization, is an established sterilization modality in this industry and provides clear advantages over other processes. Thanks to the low process temperature (below 55°C), the use of EO is far superior to other methods in terms of material compatibility – which means that it is ideally suited for the sterilization of thermolabile products.

Logistics and handling of pre-filled syringes

Pre-filled syringes are regarded as one of the most effective methods of administering medications to patients. The rapidly increasing demand for pre-filled syringes places enormous challenges on the pharmaceutical industry. The corresponding technology developments keep pace with the growth of the global market for injectable medications.


Consulting expertise from the outset

Products and high-end technologies are not the only decisive factors for reliable, safe operating systems—confident, customer-oriented support from the start is also important. We aim to provide a constructive, close cooperation with our customers in every project phase to ensure goal-oriented realization from the outset, right to commissioning.



We speak your language

As an international company based in Belgium, we are a team from numerous countries and cultures with numerous talents. We are proud of our qualified employees, who are responsible for the good reputation with our customers and for the smooth running of our business processes.

As a medium-sized and future-oriented company, we develop modern processes in the field of life science engineering. Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths enable individual and independent action. This provides our employees with a wide range of creative opportunities in an international and young team.