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With our expertise and dedication to innovation, we implement primary packaging solutions. The customized one provides a seamless integration into your production lines from syringes and vials to ampoules and cartridges.

FlexyBot I ensures seamless automated handling of primary packaging throughout downstream processes, avoiding any glass contact.  

Before sterilization, filling, inspection, and labelling, we offer efficient extraction of the packaging from the nests, trays, or racks. After these steps, we provide the insertion into secondary packagings, to suit your specific requirements without compromising its quality.


Our strength lies in the experience of our customers, which we have gained over the years. Based on this experience and your specific requirements, system layouts and production processes, we develop the optimal solution for you regarding the automated handling of liquid pharmaceuticals.

We provide you with assistance from the very beginning: From the development of a concept with dynamic and informative 3D layout visualization to the production, on-site installation and commissioning of the system – everything from a single source.

Our solutions and software can be seamlessly integrated in your existing manufacturing and logistics processes. Depending on your requirements, they can be equipped by a tracking system and linked to your ERP systems to provide a complete level of automation and ensure product tracking.


System features

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Continuous processes
Our solution ensures seamless flow of products and operation throughout the production line.
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Risk minimization
Elimination of glass contact prevents damage to the primary packaging.
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To comply with EU GMP Annex 1, automation reduces the level of interaction between staff and products.
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Fully automated systems
The system enhances efficiency, consistency, and reduces human error while improving traceability through integration with your ERP system.

FlexyBot Vision Solution

Ensures compliance with increasing quality requirements with an industrial image processing system. Which one guarantees the high reproducibility of quality parameters.  

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FlexyBot Grippers

One of our customized grippers is a universal gripper for placing the primary packaging onto the tray. No tool changes are necessary.

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