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We provide cutting-edge automated solutions to optimize tertiary packaging processes. With our expertise, we specialize in managing diverse packaging , including pallets, pallet boxes (with or without divider sheets), and related materials.

Our advanced technology enables us to handle every aspect of the packaging process with efficiency and precision. This one allows pharmaceutical companies to enhance operational workflows, reduce costs, and ensure the safe transportation of their products.

Optimize your production workflow with STERISYS' FlexyBot Solutions.

Our innovative depalletizing solutions streamline downstream processes such as sterilization, filling, inspection, and labelling by efficiently removing products from pallet boxes or pallets, facilitating their further processing.

Our palletizing solutions automate the loading of pallet boxes and pallets. Moreover, our conveyor systems optimize the intralogistics and ensure seamless transportation between different production steps and the warehouse.

Experience increased operational efficiency while enjoying the advantages of reduced costs and modular design. Integrate our software solution with your ERP systems for full automation and product tracking between the production steps.

System features

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Software solutions
We take care of the programming, monitoring and integration of all software functions in your existing system.
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Flexibility thanks to modular design
Our handling systems are individually customized for your production environment.
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Ensured traceability
Track and document the entire product journey from the first step until the finished product.
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Improved intralogistics
We enable integration of data and operations, facilitating real-time inventory management and optimizing material flow to the warehouse.

FlexyBot Vision Solution

STERISYS' camera-guided robots solve the problem of imperfectly positioned secondary packaging on pallets, enabling precise and efficient removal.

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FlexyBot Grippers

Our dedicated engineering team specializes in developing customized grippers for depalletizing and palletizing solutions to accommodate each packaging type.

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