Hand in hand with the environment

Strong environmental awareness – to our way of thinking, that includes the optimisation of all processes in terms of ecological sustainability. Along with continuous advanced training for our employees relative to environmental protection, we give highest priority to compliance with all standards, regulations and guidelines. The consistent use of system solutions which are at once highly modern and environmentally friendly is also second nature to us. Of course we also expect our industrial partners to maintain the same high ecological standards that we ourselves observe.

STERISYS also takes work safety very seriously, because it serves to safeguard the health and performance level of your workforce and ours.  Adequate ventilation in the facilities where the sterilised materials are removed from our sterilisers, no continuous work assignments in the room where the steriliser is located, the presence of an outgassing program, and the safety engineering inspection of the sterilisers by qualified experts – these are just a few of the many work safety-relevant points on which we focus particular attention.