Rely on our best minds

STERISYS was founded in 2008, and since then it has successfully established a place for itself on the international market. Stable business activity, rising turnover and workforce figures, and multiple locations serve as persuasive testimony in the success story of the company. Today STERISYS represents unsurpassed expertise covering all aspects of innovative sterilisation units for ethylene oxide methods.

In the past, our core activity was devoted exclusively to the production of sterilisers, but we now offer our customers the complete manufacture of sterilisation units. This service package includes a high level of consulting expertise, system installation and commissioning, and comprehensive on-site after-sales service. A highly qualified team of nearly 20 people is there to address your concerns around the clock and is also ready to assist you at all times, even with seemingly impossible tasks.

The manufacture of sterilisation units is our passion – project development of the highest quality is our credo.