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Depalletizing and palletizing systems – flexible adjustment to your needs due to the modular design

Pallets or pallet boxes are indispensable in most modern logistics processes to store a wide variety of products and prevent transport damage. They are also one of the most common transport aids in the pharmaceutical industry.

STERISYS Depalettieren Roboter Tubs

In order to carry out the further processing of a product (e.g., filling, labelling, inspection), first it must be removed from the pallet boxes or pallets and loaded in the corresponding system. The STERISYS solution for depalletizing and palletizing enables the automated loading and unloadingofpallet boxes and pallets. We adjust the speed individually according to your production environment.

Precise, reproducible and documentable!

Process solutions for efficient and durable systems

Individual solutions

We customize the depalletizing and palletizing systems individually according to your existing packaging materials, or we will consult you in this matter.  

  • Tubs with a cover
  • Tubs without a cover
  • Tubs with intermediate spacer
  • Trays
  • Boxes

Regardless of whether you work with or without covers and intermediate spacers for pallets, we provide the efficient and reliable organization of handling processes. Our engineering team takes your process requirements into account and develops the optimal solution. 

Standard solution 

Based on past customer projects, we have developed a standardized solution for the automated removal and placement of tubs from pallets and pallet boxes and onto or into them. The modular design enables the handling of different sizes and brands. If needed, the nests can be additionally removed from tubs or placed into them. 

Learn more about the standard solution.


System features

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Long-term cost reduction
Robots work 24/7 and offer a quick return on investment.
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Ensured traceability
Loads can be identified, documented and stored.
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Flexibility due to modular design
Handling systems are individually customized for your production environment.

Conveyor technology

To ensure that pallet boxes and pallets are transported in a controlled manner, we use modern conveyor technology that is designed for the clean rooms of the pharmaceutical industry. This technology allows you to achieve a high degree of automation with simple operation at the same time. 

Other components (e.g., barcode scanner, pallet conveyor system) can also be integrated into the process. 

Camera-guided robots

As the secondary packaging is not always optimally positioned on the pallet, for example, due to the fact that the distances between the packaging units is not exactly the same, it is difficult for the robot to aim and remove them perfectly. In order to counteract this problem, we use camera guided-robots.

First, a photo is taken of the packaging, and then the industrial image processing system calculates its exact position. The position data is forwarded to the robot so that it can easily and safely grip the tub, tray etc.

Robot gripper

Our depalletizing and palletizing solutions can be individually used for different secondary packaging materials. Our engineering team develops the appropriate grippers according to the type of packaging.

In addition, we also offer systems for the automated processing of pallet divider sheets.


Would you like to learn more about automated palletizing and depalletizing?