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Process solutions for efficient and durable equipment

Industrial sterilization for medical devices and pharmaceutical products

A wide range of medical devices and pharmaceutical products are sterilized by ethylene oxide exposure. This method is an established sterilization modality in this industry and provides clear advantages over other processes. Thanks to the low process temperature (below 55°C), the use of EO is far superior to other methods in terms of material compatibility. At STERISYS, we focus on the engineering and construction of complete turnkey systems for the EO vacuum and overpressure sterilization processes. 

Handling and packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals

Industry 4.0 considers fully automated production systems as an important competitive advantage. In addition to the actual manufacturing processes, the upstream and downstream product handling processes are also important as they complete the automation chain. STERISYS has recognized this fact and has tasked itself with automating the handling of primary and secondary packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals through the use of efficient and material-conserving process technologies.