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Meet the requirements of the applicable standards through professional EO gas treatment

STERISYS Gasbahandlung Peak-Shaver Ethylenoxid

After sterilization with ethylene oxide (EO), gas may not be freely released into the atmosphere; therefore, a gas treatment unit needs to be interconnected. This allows you to professionally treat the generated amounts of EO in accordance with the requirements of the German TA-Luft guideline (EO <= 0.5 mg/m3).

STERISYS offers different gas treatment units depending on the dimension of the system and the sterilization process:

  • Electrical- or gas-operated catalyst, if necessary combined with a peak shaver (water buffer tank);
  • scrubber system;
  • gas combustion unit.


Together with you, we determine which gas treatment unit suits your system.


1. At first, the highly concentrated EO exhaust air from the sterilizer is transported to the peak shaver and stored there in combination with water.

2. The EO enriched water is pumped into the so-called stripping column (EO water/air separation column). This column contains so-called Rashid elements, and the EO is extracted from water through the reciprocal circulation of air and water and absorbed by the air.

3. The EO contaminated air flow from the stripping column is continuously transported to the catalyst. Here, the EO is neutralized under a chemical process and transported outside through a chimney.

4. The exhaust air from the catalyst corresponds to the requirements of the applicable environmental regulations.

System features

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We always comply with the latest standards and guidelines, and design your gas treatment unit according to them.
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State-of-the-art technologies
Our advanced technologies allow you to significantly reduce emissions of ethylene oxide pollutants.
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Constant operating conditions
Our control process provides constant operating conditions for the catalyst in terms of flow rate and EO concentration.

To learn more about the correct treatment of ethylene oxide gas, contact us.