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Reliable preparation and degassing of medical devices

STERISYS Vorkonditionierungskammer Entgasungskammer Sterilisation

Preconditioning chamber

Preconditioning chambers ensure that the sterilization load reaches a homogeneous temperature and humidity, as required by ISO 11135:2014. This creates ideal prerequisite conditions for an effective sterilization process.

Degassing chamber

After vacuum sterilization with ethylene oxide (EO), residual gas emissions are still on the devices. These post-conditioning chambers are used to achieve allowable EO residue value in the device. Air circulation and supply of fresh air in degassing chambers ensures that the gas residue value is reduced below the limit specified by ISO EN 10993-7. This process is carried out in accordance with EN 11135:2014.

System features

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Individual consultations
We will gladly advise you on the necessity for and designing of your preconditioning chamber and degassing chamber.
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Due to precisely parameterizable preconditioning and degassing chambers, the corresponding cycles can be reliably repeated for each product load.
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Cycle optimization
Controlled preconditioning and degassing of medical devices allow you to optimize cycle times.

You can learn more about the correct preconditioning and degassing by using our contact form.