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Logistics and handling of vials and pre-filled syringes

At STERISYS we developed an innovative solution to optimize the handling, transfer and transportation of vials or pre-fillable syringes in nest and tub forms.
Our automated handling systems can easily be integrated into existing production processes and guarantee reliable, safe and rapid feed processes. 

The products remain protected during the entire production process and the operator does not have to manually handle nests or tubs which significantly simplifies the logistic processes.


All of our packaging systems conform to the newest cGMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The systems are supplied with complete documentation, including detailed machine manuals, certifications and IQ/OQ or FAT/SAT packages. Our automated system is designed according to the 2006/42/EC, ISO 10218-2 and 12100:2010 machine guidelines.

Download our whitepaper to learn more about "Developing Industry 4.0 solutions for pre-filled syringes manufacturing operations".

System properties

  • Denesting and Renesting: Safe, automatic removal or placement of syringes from and into nests
  • Loading capacity: Flexible loading capacity in different speed modes
  • Palletizing and Depalletizing: Packing and unpacking nested vials or syringes in tubs with protective covers into and out of palettes in up to 8 layers, automatically and without manual intervention

Our solution at a glance


  • Quality assurance
    Avoiding cosmetic deficiencies while ensuring production traceability.
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity
    Robots work around the clock and offer rapid returns on investments.
  • Space savings
    Robots need less space and do the work of several employees.
  • Fully automated system
    A system that handles products without defects while also counting the number of vials or syringes in each lot.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Reusable components and containers, e.g. for a scalable, modular system with low space requirements.
  • Universal solution
    Suitable for any handling requirements, system layouts and nestable syringe or vial brands.
  • Closes gaps
    We specialize in linking production processes such as filling, inspection, sterilization and labelling in production lines for a streamlined process.
  • Automation & flexibility
    We handle programming, monitoring and integration of all software functions regardless of which robot is used.
  • Everything from one provider
    Our expertise in providing solutions lies in our ability to provide a single tool to pick up and position tubs, nests and covers. Time-consuming gripper changes for different product ranges are no longer needed.

Our handling components

Tub protective cover (TPC)

We developed TPCs (Tub Protection Covers) for optimal tub stacking to protect vials or syringes during transportation. The protective cover therefore has three main functions:

  • The stack support elements are assembled to position tubs on top of each other. Stacks of 8-9 units can be formed in a straight orientation.
  • Mechanical influences on the product are avoided when stacking max. 7-8 units - vials or syringes are secure and dust-free.
  • The special design of the protective cover allows the gripper to move the protective cover and the nest together, in one single work step.

Our robot grippers are designed to match individual customer requirements. This makes it easier to continue using already existing materials, and avoids additional costs.


Our intermediate tub containers (ITC) are specifically designed to store tubs, either with or without nested syringes or vials inside. 

  • Usable at different packaging process stages.
  • Based on standard EU or AM pallets but with walls and a support pattern on the bottom part to address the tubs.

Contact our experts for more information

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We will gladly answer all your questions!