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We design automated tub and nest handling systems for you

In the pharmaceutical industry, tubs with nests are a common secondary packaging for handling glass packaging, for example, syringes, vials, ampoules and cartridges.

STERISYS Depalettieren Palettieren Tub

Although the processing of liquid pharmaceutical products is usually already automated (e.g., filling, labelling, inspection), the insertion of tubs with nests into systems is often still manually. STERISYS has recognized this fact and offers its solutions for automated tub and nest handling.

Regardless of whether we can use our standard system modules or need to develop customized solutions for you from scratch: We are the right partner!


Our strength lies in the experience of our customers, which we have gained over the years. Based on this experience and your specific requirements, system layouts and production processes, we develop the optimal solution for you regarding the automated handling of glass or plastic packaging.

We provide you with assistance from the very beginning: From the development of a concept with dynamic and informative 3D layout visualization to the production, on-site installation and commissioning of the system – everything from a single source.

Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated in your existing manufacturing and logistics processes and, depending on your requirements, they can be linked to the customer’s ERP systems to provide a complete level of automation and ensure product tracking.


Our STERISYS system modules

Our existing standard system modules ensure the flexible handling of different tub and nest formats that you may use.

We can provide individual solutions for your secondary packaging format: 

  • tub with a cover 
  • tub without a cover
  • tub with intermediate layer for pallets (e.g., plastic panels)
  • tubs and nests in special sizes

You also decide which processes to automate: 

  • Depalletizing: removal of a tub from boxes, pallets or shelf trolleys  
  • Palletizing: placement of a tub into boxes, pallets or shelf trolleys
  • Nest handling: removal of a nest from the tube and its (re)insertion into the tube
  • Denesting: removal of syringes from nests
  • Nesting: placement of syringes into nests 

System features

STERISYS Icon Vorteile Check
Modular machine concept
We develop a suitable handling system based on your existing production processes and used packaging materials.
STERISYS Icon Vorteile Check
Wide selection of gripping tools
Can be used for different requirements, system layouts and tub/nest formats.
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Continuous & reproducible processes
Our systems are designed for operation 24/7. The robot-based automation services ensure the maximum level of process accuracy and reproducibility.

Conveyor systems

Transporting of pharmaceutical containers requires a high degree of precision.  Therefore, conveyor systems, such as conveyor belts, staplers or buffer systems (stackers), are designed and constructed according to your requirements (e.g., no contact with the product) and the standardized hygiene requirements.

We can also integrate additional equipment, for example a barcode scanner, into the process to ensure a seamless product tracking.


Camera guided robots

In order for the robot to properly remove tubs from the pallet, tubs need to be correctly positioned. If covers and pallet divider sheets are not used during transportation, often the correct placement cannot be guaranteed, as, for example, the tubs can easily overlap and thus make it more difficult for robots to remove them.

To minimize this risk, the integrated camera vision system developed by STERISYS detects the exact object position and adjusts the position of the robot gripper accordingly. This ensures the safe removal of tubs or the insertion of nests into tubs.

Robot gripper systems

We always move tubs and nests using grippers that are equipped with vacuum suction cups. These are specially adjusted for the use with tubs and nests of the customer and thus ensures a grip that is very gentle on the material.

We offer the advantage of moving tub, nest and cover with one gripper. This helps to avoid the time-consuming change of tools for various packaging components as far as possible.


You can obtain more information about the tub and nest handling by using our contact form.