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Optimize internal processes with reliable conveyor systems

STERISYS Fördertechnik Conveyor Automatisiert

In addition to sterilization systems, we also offer automated conveyor systems. Conveyor belts automatically deliver sterilization loads to and from the sterilizer, and also preconditioning and degassing chambers.

This offers the following benefits:

  • Safe, precise, and reproducible loading and unloading of product loads
  • The highest possible safety level for personnel: complete separation of the rooms potentially exposed to ethylene oxide from other rooms where the system operators usually stay.

Thereby an efficient and reliable sterilization process is ensured.

Example for a layout of a fully automated pallet conveyor system

This automated system works as follows: 

  • Personnel put pallets with medical devices through a port on the incoming conveyor belt.
  • Then pallets are automatically delivered to the preconditioning chamber.
  • After the preconditioning of medical devices, the conveyor belts transport pallets to the sterilizer. 
  • Afterwards pallets are automatically transported to the degassing chamber.
  • Finally, the personnel remove the sterilized and degassed medical devices from the outgoing conveyor belt.

System features

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Designed for the specific industry
These conveyor systems are designed according to the standards for medical technologies.
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Our conveyor systems comply with ATEX requirements.
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Flexible customizations
The conveyor system can be designed individually, taking production requirements into account.

Do you want to learn more about our automated conveyor systems?