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Safe, reproducible, and user-friendly operation of the system through the use of a modern and high-performance SCADA process control system

STERISYS Software Kontrollraum Mitarbeiter

Based on our customer experience over many years, we have developed a SCADA based control system for ethylene oxide sterilization systems. This system ensures a central process monitoring, and also the collection of data from different operating units.



The validated STERISYS SCADA system has the following basic functions:

  • Decentralized/real-time process control of the operating units (PLC control systems)
  • Central formulation administration for sterilization profiles and cycles
  • Central protocol management and long-term storage of product data
  • Audit trail in accordance with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • Alarm and event management of individual operating units
  • Digital signature (zero paper recording)
  • Management of user rights
  • Short-term and long-term process data with open interfaces to customer IT systems

System features

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Higher transparency through the bundling of all relevant process data on a single platform.
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HMI interfaces ensure a simple and safe control.
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Risk minimization
SCADA systems can detect faults at an early stage and directly alert the personnel.

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