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Safe handling and packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals

Industry 4.0 considers fully automated production systems as an important competitive advantage as they ensure high product quality with high reproducibility and the best possible manufacturing conditions with complete product traceability. In addition to the actual manufacturing processes, the upstream and downstream product handling processes are also important as they complete the automation chain. STERISYS has recognized this fact and has tasked itself with automating the handling of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals through the use of efficient and material-conserving process technologies.

Thus, we are focusing on your products and their quality.

Our solutions are based on system modules that are assembled specifically for the customer and, if necessary, adapted for the intended application.

Our turnkey solutions ensure the handling of:

  • Primary packaging: (pre-filled) syringes, ampoules, cartridges, vials, etc.
  • Secondary packaging: tubs, nest, trays, magazines etc.
  • Tertiary packaging: pallets, pallet boxes with or without pallet divider sheets
STERISYS Pharmasysteme Handling Automatisiert

Our automated solutions in detail

Tub & nest handling

Removal and insertion of tubs and nests into and out of the equipment, pallet boxes or pallets.

Tray loading

Safe loading of horizontal trays with syringes, vials or ampoules without glass contact.

Loading and unloading shelf trolleys

Automated loading and unloading of shelf trolleys.

Depalletizing and Palletizing

Continuous unloading and loading of pallet boxes or pallets.

System features

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State-of-the-art technologies
Equip your production facilities with the latest state-of-the-art technologies and thus secure your production capacity in long term.
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Product quality and traceability
Our handling systems guarantee a safe handling of products and a full documentation of the process.
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Software solutions
We take care of the programming, monitoring and integration of all software functions.
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Improved intralogistics
Internal logistics processes are optimized through automation.
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Personnel optimization
The available skilled personnel can be used for more demanding tasks, while the robot systems perform monotonous handling tasks in continuous operation. This also allows you to make significant savings on personnel costs.

Our solutions at a glance

Industry 4.0


“Pre-filled syringes are considered to be one of the most effective methods for administering pharmaceutical products to patients.”

The growing demand and the associated increasing requirements for the handling of primary and secondary packaging present enormous challenges for the pharmaceutical industry. 

Learn more about automated handling and download our whitepaper “Developing Industry 4.0 solutions for pre-filled syringe manufacturing operations”!


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