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Automated solution for loading and unloading shelf trolleys

In the pharmaceutical industry, the production of sterile pharmaceutical products is subject to strict requirements. These requirements require products to be produced aseptically and packed under sterile conditions. Shelf trolleys are often used in such production environment for the transport, further processing (sterilization) or storage of primary packaging.

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Shelf trolleys in the pharma industry

We can provide automated loading and unloading of the following containers in and from the shelf trolleys:

  • Primary packaging: (pre-filled) syringes, ampoules, cartridges, vials, etc.
  • Secondary packaging: tubs, nests, trays, magazines, boxes/trays etc.

The handling process and the gripper are selected according to your requirements, the type and brand of packaging.

In addition to loading and unloading shelf trolleys, our automated solutions for depalletizing & palletizing or tube and nest handling can be placed upstream and downstream.

Reference project: loading and unloading of sterilization racks

Shelf trolleys are frequently used within the pharmaceutical production process for sterilization. In this project, nested syringes in tubs are stored in pallet boxes and the layers of tubs are neatly separated by pallet divider sheets. The nested syringes must be fed into the hot-air sterilization system and removed from it fully automatically. For this purpose, a concept with nest and tub handling, loading and unloading of sterilization racks and the use of automated conveyor technology was developed for the customer. 

In addition, an visual system is integrated, which provides the camera-guided gripping and is also used as the process control system.

System features

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Safe robots
In our automated solutions we use industrial robots from manufacturers that are well known in the pharmaceutical industry.
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Our software ensures predefined processes and continuous operation.
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Our automated solution is assembled modularly; therefore, it can be customized according to your requirements.

Robot gripper

Depending on the packaging type, different robot grippers can be used for loading and unloading shelf trolleys. The right tool is selected during the development of a concept.

You need more information about the loading and unloading of sterilization racks?