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Automated placement of primary packaging into trays

In the pharmaceutical industry, trays are used for the transport and horizontal storage of glass or plastic packaging such as syringes, vials, cartridges and ampoules. This type of packaging protects the packaging from damage and prevents glass contact.

STERISYS 3D Modell Tray Loader

Manual operations, which are carried out in an aseptic environment, always present a potential quality risk. This also includes the insertion of packaging into trays. Our automated packaging solution not only minimizes this risk, but also reduces personnel costs and ensures traceability. Automation guarantees the safe and hygienic placement of syringes, vials and other components into the tray without glass contact.


Standard solution for the loading of trays

Our standard solution for the automated loading of trays with containers has the following modules: 

  • Robot system: 6-axis robot for removing syringes, vials etc. from the delivery belt and placing them on the corresponding tray
  • Gripping system: can be adjusted for different types of trays to ensure optimal handling of containers
  • Delivery conveyor belt: for horizontal placement of syringes, vials etc. and gentle transportation to the robot
  • Main conveyor belt: supply of empty trays, positioning of these trays for the optimum loading of syringes, vials etc., and also forwarding of loaded trays 
  • Buffer system: empty and also loaded trays can be additionally stacked

System features

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Risk minimization
Elimination of glass contact prevents damage to the primary packaging.
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Continuous processes
Movements of robots are predefined by our software to ensure consistent productivity levels.
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Fully automated systems
A system that ensures fault-free product packaging while simultaneously counting the number of containers per load.

Camera-guided robots

Producers and packers in the pharmaceutical industry have to ensure compliance with the increasing quality requirements. In order to guarantee the high reproducibility of quality parameters, a visual system can be used. Here, the products are automatically photographed and the industrial image processing systems ensure ideal gripping and damages can be identified and reported. 

Robot gripper

We use a universal gripper for placing the primary packaging onto the tray. The advantage of this gripper is the possibility to automatically adjust the pitch between the vials, ampoules, etc., thus one gripper is sufficient for different tray formats and tool changes are not necessary.

In addition, the grippers can have a rotation function. It allows the smooth processing of even nested patterns.

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