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Our flexible modules, including robot, gripper, and conveyor, are part of FlexyBot I. It is designed to handle the primary packaging such as syringes, vials, ampoules, and cartridges.

The FlexyBot II solution automatically manages the secondary packaging, such as tubs, nests, trays, or boxes. Seamless movement from one process step to the next is achieved through our elements, including robots, grippers, conveyors, and stackers.

Finally, the FlexyBot III solution offers a range of components, including docking station, robot, pallet conveyor, and automated vehicle. These are designed to automate the handling of tertiary packaging and meet your unique requirements.

The case studies below combine these solutions to customize your production processes.

System features

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Facilitate the adaptation of diverse products, respond to shifts in production demands, and evolve in alignment with guidelines.
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Improved efficiency
By reducing downtime and automating repetitive tasks, customized solutions can help to increase your output and reduce your costs.
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Enhancing product safety and meeting the quality requirements by strict adherence to regulatory compliance standards.
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Competitive advantage
Through continuous production processes, by optimizing resource utilization and reducing production lead times.
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Customized grippers
Our implemented solution delicately and efficiently handles diverse products with precision.


Witness the seamless integration of STERISYS' FlexyBot I, FlexyBot II and FlexyBot III solutions in an international pharmaceutical company that produces prefilled syringes. Discover the single gripper for tub, lid and nest and dedicated conveyor system, optimizing efficiency from depalletizing to denesting and nesting to palletizing.

Access the complete case study here.


Discover how STERISYS revolutionized the pharmaceutical CMO industry by creating an automated terminal sterilization unit for prefilled syringes. This innovative solution includes the FlexyBot II and FlexyBot III solution, offering efficient loading and unloading of sterilization racks. To meet the highest quality standards, the grippers were equipped by the FlexyBot Vision Solution.

Explore the full case study here.

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