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Choosing the correct robot gripper is critical for loading and unloading processes. Given the delicate and sensitive nature of liquid pharmaceutical products, precision, efficiency, and safety are of utmost importance. The gripper plays a vital role in ensuring a secure and gentle grip, reducing the risks of product damage and contamination.

At STERISYS, we specialize in developing customized automated solutions that address the specific needs of the liquid handling. Our expertise lies in designing robot grippers that meet the unique requirements of the pharma industry. This enables reliable and efficient handling hat enhance productivity and uphold the highest quality standards in operations.

Our strength lies in the development of customized solutions.

We use a universal gripper for placing the primary packaging into/out of the secondary packaging. The advantage of this gripper is the possibility to automatically adjust the pitch between the syringes, vials, ampoules and cartridges, thus one gripper is sufficient for different formats and tool changes are not necessary.


We smoothly load/unload secondary packaging into/out of tertiary with grippers that are equipped with vacuum suction cups. These are specially adjusted for the use at the customer and ensures a grip that is very gentle on the material. Moreover, we offer the advantage of moving tub, nest and cover with one gripper. This helps to avoid the time-consuming change of tools for various packaging components.


In addition, the grippers provide a range of options including rotation system or our innovative FlexyBot Vision Gripper enabling the smooth processing of complex arrangements.

The FlexyBot Vision solution proves to be a valuable tool for:


  • process control
  • reliably detection of tub presence
  • determining optimal gripper orientation
  • identifying nests within tubs


FlexyBot Vision Gripper

To achieve precise gripping, we equip our grippers with cutting-edge vision systems. Those capture images of the packaging, enabling accurate adjustments of the position.

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System features

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Ensure safety
Grippers are designed with safety features such as sensors and feedback systems to prevent damage to products or equipment.
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Designed to handle a wide range of product shapes and sizes, which can help to increase the flexibility of the manufacturing process.
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Improved efficiency
By adapting to various product shapes and sizes, minimizing product damage and downtime, and optimizing the overall production process.
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Customized gripping tools
Demonstrates precise handling of delicate and diverse products, ensuring gentle and efficient manipulation throughout the process.

Customized Solution

Just as we can develop your grippers to meet your unique requirements, we also customize the complete handling solution that fits perfectly for you.

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