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How can STERISYS optimize your production line?

Our FlexyBot solutions offer automated handling capabilities

FlexyBot I

Handles your primary packaging: syringes, vials, ampoules, and cartridges.
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FlexyBot II

Operates your secondary packaging: nests with or without tubs, trays, and boxes.
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FlexyBot III

Manages your tertiary packaging: pallets, pallet boxes with or without pallet divider sheets.
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Customized Solution

Combining our three FlexyBot modules to automate existing or new production lines.
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Vision solution and grippers developed by STERISYS

Discover advanced grippers and software that revolutionize your pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our internally designed grippers handle liquids with precision, while our vision solutions elevate quality control and optimize the production.

FlexyBot Vision Solution

Ensures the safe handling of your liquid pharmaceutical packaging.
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FlexyBot Grippers

Developed by STERISYS for individual handling requirements.
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Improve your automation with us!