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Through our ongoing development efforts, STERISYS has established itself as a leading force in the field of automated handling. Our game-changing FlexyBot Vision Solution combines camera systems, software, and algorithms to deliver precision and advancements in automated handling.


Two key components compose this one: the FlexyBot Vision Gripper and the FlexyBot Visual Inspection.

Designed for efficient tub and nest handling, the FlexyBot Vision Gripper offers convenience and precise manipulation. Its robotic gripping technology and integrated vision systems work together to maximize productivity while minimizing errors and optimizing automated handling operations.

On the other hand, the FlexyBot Visual Inspection utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and image processing algorithms to conduct quality inspections, guaranteeing seamless production standards.

With this complete solution, our clients can optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and achieve efficiency in automated handling.

FlexyBot Vision Gripper

for tub & nest handling

This system is a valuable tool for:
  • process control
  • reliably detecting tub presence
  • determining optimal gripper orientation
  • identifying nests within tubs
Moreover, the FlexyBot Vision Gripper offers additional benefits by:
  • verifying nest occupancy
  • detecting remaining syringes in tubs after taking the nest out of the tub
  • ensuring complete emptying
  • identifying anomalies on nests

With its comprehensive capabilities, this system provides precise and reliable tub and nest handling, making it a flexible solution for pharmaceutical industries.

Read our case study and find out how we intergrated the FlexyBot Vision Gripper.

INNOVATION in progress: FlexyBot Visual Inspection

At STERISYS, our commitment to quality and innovation drives us to continuously push boundaries. We understand the growing importance of visual inspection in meeting quality standards and guidelines such as EU GMP Annex 1.

To address this need, we are currently developing an automated system for visual inspection that ensures the integrity of tubs with Tyvek® lids throughout the pharmaceutical production processes. 

This cutting-edge solution aims to solve critical issues like:
  • Tyvek® Lid Integrity: The system will check for any damages, leaks or holes in the Tyvek® lid and ensuring a continuous seal to the tub.
  • Tub Condition: It will examine the sides of the tub to identify any damages or imperfections.
  • Machine Learning: Over time, the visual system will learn and develop rules to accurately determine which tubs with Tyvek® lids meet the required standards, potentially reducing the need for human intervention in the process.

With the FlexyBot Visual Inspection, we are paving the way for enhanced quality control and automation in pharmaceutical production, providing our customers with reliable and efficient solutions.

System features

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The software offers a robust traceability that ensures detailed monitoring and documentation of automated handling processes.
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Efficiency increase
Provide a faster and consistent level of inspection and measurement, reducing human errors and improving efficiency and product quality.
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Ensure high product quality through advanced image processing algorithms, real-time monitoring and minimizing damages.
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Software solution
Offer a customizable user interface of our internally developed software, allowing to define the interface to your specific needs and preferences.

FlexyBot Grippers

By integrating state-of-the-art visual systems, we are providing our customers with cutting-edge grippers that deliver precision, performance and flexibility to their production.

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Customized Solution

Our flexible modules enable efficient automated handling for various packaging types by combining robots, grippers, and conveyors.

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